Playing a Puzzle Game Every Day

I have always loved playing games with my kids and grandchildren. We would often have game night at my house, and those are some of the best memories I have. As the kids got older though, they became more involved in school activities and other things, making our once a week game night transform into a once or twice a month game night. I really missed playing games, and my oldest grandson told me I should look into mobile and tablet computing. He knew that I missed seeing everyone together at least once a week, but he also knew that I was missing the competition from games too.

We tend to play a lot of word games, which is why he suggested that I download a daily anagram game from Prographo. I have a tablet that I use to play Solitaire games on when I get bored, but I had never considered looking at other games. When he showed me that there are more games available than anyone can count, I got pretty excited. Playing Solitaire is okay, but it is not a very competitive game. I like to showcase my word and card playing skills in front of others, which is why this anagram puzzle game is perfect for me.

Every day, I get a new anagram puzzle. Some days, they are very easy. Other days, I have to give it even more effort. At least once a week, the game is extremely challenging, which is my favorite puzzle day. What makes this a great game for me is that everyone throughout the world is playing the exact same game, and I am able to see how I compare to others as far as how quickly we can figure out the puzzle. My time keeps getting better every day, plus I am having so much fun with it!

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